flask-tables FlaskGitzella

flask tables

Beautiful Interactive tables in your Flask templates.

microblog-authy FlaskGitzella

microblog authy

Microblog application from the Flask Mega-Tutorial with added two-factor push authentication via Authy

microblog-verify FlaskGitzella

microblog verify

Microblog application from the Flask Mega-Tutorial with added two-factor authentication via the Twilio Verify API.

socketio-examples FlaskGitzella

socketio examples

A few examples that demonstrate the features of the Python Socket.IO server

aioflask FlaskGitzella


Flask running on asyncio!

microblog-api FlaskGitzella

microblog api

A modern (as of 2023) Flask API back end.

flack FlaskGitzella


Companion code to my PyCon 2016 "Flask at Scale" tutorial session.

Flask-HTTPAuth FlaskGitzella

Flask HTTPAuth

Simple extension that provides Basic, Digest and Token HTTP authentication for Flask routes

microblog FlaskGitzella


The microblogging application developed in my Flask Mega-Tutorial series. This version maps to the 2024 Edition of the tutorial.

Flask-Migrate FlaskGitzella

Flask Migrate

SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic

flasky FlaskGitzella


Companion code to my O'Reilly book "Flask Web Development", second edition.

Flask-SocketIO FlaskGitzella

Flask SocketIO

Socket.IO integration for Flask applications.